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In 2012, Denmark liberated its gambling market. Both land-based gambling and online gambling are legalized and operate successfully in Denmark. According to the statistics for the Danish gambling market, the total turnover of the legal gambling sector in Denmark in 2018 was more than DKK 6.4 billion which is more than USD 900 million. DKK 354 million was given by land-based casinos, and DKK 1.406 billion was added by gaming machines. Online casinos contributed DKK 2.158 billion. In the third quarter 2019, the revenues of online gambling rose by 4% and land-based casinos – by 0.2%, while the revenues of slots as well as betting revenues decreased both by 3.9% ( Danish gambling market is well-regulated, and its share in Denmark’s economy is about 0.5%.


The primary legislation for gambling activities in Denmark is the Danish Act on Gambling 2010 which is supplemented by a series of specific Executive Orders (2011-2018) ( The Danish Gambling Authority (Spillemyndigheden), established within the Ministry of Taxation, regulates gambling in the country. According to the Authority, their key duties include issuing licenses to provide gambling, supervision of gambling operators, and monitoring the gambling industry. Their official website is at

Land Based Gambling

The Danish Gambling Act allows the following forms of land-based gambling: card games, including poker, gaming machines, lottery, and betting.


Under the Gambling Act, land-based casinos in Denmark may provide roulette, baccarat, punto banco, blackjack, poker and gambling on prize-winning slot machines. Licenses may be granted to land-based casinos to provide other types of gambling activities. Gaming machines offering cash winnings in land-based casinos are to offer actual cash winnings or vouchers which can be exchanged for cash at the casino cash desk.

Six land-based licensed casinos operate in Denmark today. Two more casinos, Casinos Oceans Twenty-One, are set up aboard the ships MS Bergensfjord and MS Stavangerfjord. A supervisor from the Danish Gambling Authority is present during some of the opening hours of the casino to supervise that the casinos are operated in a responsible manner.

The age limit is 18 for both citizens and foreigners. Players must provide a form of identification before entering. Information about coming guests (generally their names and whereabouts) is processed to ensure public order. Photos and recordings are taken of all casino guests. The time of coming is also registered. These data are stored in the casino database within three months. In cases there are complaints from other visitors or personnel, the data are stored within two years even if the casino stops operating.

Slot Halls

Gaming machines (slots and VLTs) can be installed and operated in gaming machine arcades (slot halls) and in restaurants having a license to serve alcoholic beverages. A license prohibits to install more than three gaming machines offering cash winnings in restaurants. In slot halls, no other gambling activities may be provided and no other business activities may be carried out other than the provision of gambling on gaming machines. Gaming machines not offering cash winnings may not be installed in slot halls. Selling sweets, snacks and beverages (except for strong drinks) is allowed. People under 18 are not be permitted to enter slot halls or play on gaming machines in restaurants. Slot halls must be staffed during their opening hours. Using pyramid schemes in operating slots is strictly prohibited.

Online Gambling

Online casinos are allowed in Denmark since 2012. Their activity is also licensed by the Danish Gambling Authority. The online casino license includes the games of roulette, black jack, baccarat, punto banco, poker, online bingo, and prize-winning slots. Also, online casinos may apply for licenses for other types of gambling activities such as lottery games and sports-betting. All websites of Danish certified online casinos have .dk (the national top-level domain) as part of their names.

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