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There are no licensed casinos in Jersey. The Jersey Gambling Commission (JGC) provides licenses for gambling machine operators, thrift clubs, bookmakers, promotional prize lotteries, amusements with prizes, crown & anchor operators, as well as remote gambling licenses. The JGC also licenses Jersey’s only horserace track and provides personal gambling licenses.

According to Annual Report 2018, the Jersey Gambling Commission’s turnover amounted to GBP 581,872 during 2018 with most of the sum resulting from license fees ( The JGC requires all license holders to pay into a dedicated Social Responsibility Fund to combat gambling addiction. is a specifically Jersey-focused website to help sufferers of gambling problems (

The JGC is responsible for the licensing, registration, and regulation of gambling in the Island. Their website contains information relating to all forms of land-based commercial gambling, remote gambling, as well as social and charitable gambling authorized in Jersey. JGC also links to organizations aimed at helping people with gambling addiction (

Land Based Gambling

The land-based gambling industry in the Island is made up of six Class I Bookmakers (operating about 100 gaming machines), four Class II (on course) Bookmakers, a Parimutuel Operator (Jersey Race Club), two Crown and Anchor Operators, 29 Thrift Clubs, two Hosting Providers, and a Gambling Software Provider. There are also lower-stake gambling machines licensed to operate in 41 pubs, clubs, cafes, and restaurants. Two Promotional Prize Lottery permits are valid (


There are no casinos in Jersey.

Gambling Clubs

No slot halls are currently in operation in Jersey, but slot machines can be installed in authorized public places. A Gambling Machine Operators License enables gambling machine providers to install slot machines in licensed pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and private clubs (

Low prize and low stake gambling machines can be offered at social or charitable events. These machines are available for play by the public only at a particular event. The provision of these slot machines is not the main attraction of the event. An Amusements with Prizes License is required to offer such kind of gambling (

Thrift clubs can provide gambling services to their customers, for instance offering football cards or raffle tickets. A Thrift Club License is required to operate a Thrift Club offering any kind of gambling services to people who are not members of the club (

Crown and Anchor stalls are also popular in Jersey. Crown and Anchor is often used at social events. It is a fast-paced dice game, traditionally played for gambling purposes by sailors. Even children can play Crown and Anchor with parental or guardian consent and supervision. A Crown and Anchor License is required to operate Crown and Anchor gambling (

Online Gambling

In early 2015, Jersey’s first online gambling license was issued. The JGC granted the B2B license to operate online gambling in Jersey to provider Twelve40. According to the JGC, changes to UK gambling laws had led to “renewed interest in Jersey as a venue for online gambling”.

The JGC issues licenses, permits, and approvals in five categories (operators, platform providers, hosting providers, software designers, and testing houses). Six Remote Gambling Operators (B2C) are licensed in Jersey at the moment. They offer casino and poker games, sports betting, lotto and lottery games. Four Platform Providers (B2B) are currently licensed in the Island.

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