Casino working hours

Open 24 hours every day

Types of games at this casino

  • Slot Machines


Deposit or withdrawal is possible via payment systems: Cash, Visa, Mastercard.


Playing in the casino is possible from 18 years.

Casino Star Karlovy Vary T.G.Masaryka Contacts

Phone: +420 601 386 166
Entrance age limits 18
Owner name SLOT Group

Supported Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

Casino Location

User reviews on Casino Star Karlovy Vary T.G.Masaryka (3)

  • Ludosman
    Pros: I didn't like it, a rare dump.
    Cons: No one or when of the players is there, only stray tourists who are being ripped off as best they can. A poor casino, slot machines are generally cold, they have invested a lot of money in everything, they are controlled via the Internet, there are no boards with a program in the machines.
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  • Петр
    Pros: Sweets with chocolates were placed free of charge on the tables.
    Cons: Greedy bastards. They will rip you off, to the last. Fake people represent the players who won. At the registration they asked - "Do you live or have not come to rest for a long time" it's better to play at pupp casino and not in this dump. And yes, there, something is poured into drinks that are offered to you for free, drink only from closed bottles.
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  • Alex
    Pros: In this casino, they got me drunk with Beherovka, constantly poured it until I got drunk to madness.
    Cons: When paying money, they cheated and gave out less, took advantage of the fact that I was drunk. They even called security. I behaved decently until I saw that I was deceived, I took everything on video, how can I put it here?
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